A Social Commentary on Living the Un-Facebook Life


Last weekend my cousin and I drove out to Rehoboth Beach for a quick last-bit-of-summer day in the sun. I sunk into my beach chair, the umbrella up giving me the illusion that I need not wear sunscreen, toes dipped in the sand, no agenda. I couldn’t help but notice the epidemic of cell phones being wielded out in front of oneself, arm extended . . . just . . . far. . . enough to capture the moment. I wondered as I watched one woman, relatively fit for her middle age, what she was going to post on Facebook, along with her “selfie.” I imagined her post would sound as if she was having the time of her life, or at least cast a shiny veneer over any insecurity she might have felt prancing about in a bikini. (Oh wait, maybe that’s just me!)

Back and forth, we shared…

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