With Time

To the weary one

I offer you living proof

for I am evidence

in flesh and bones

that one can weather

the harshness of the winter

and bloom again.

When words can’t find their way from pen to paper

I wonder if the well is going dry

I stop and remember that it is only because I am living

that I have not stopped to collect my thoughts

And then I look with wonder and hopefulness

at how far I’ve come

I am overwhelmed with thanks for you are walking with me

for all the corners that have needed turning so far

have been rounded, not always with ease, but with peace

and hope on the horizon

Sit down with your heart

and name your deepest desires, every last wish

and harness the power of hope in your moments of deepest despair

Sit back and look long and deep and closely to see . . .. to really see

what is most essential to live in light of who you were made to be

and let the rest . . . the regrets, the uncertainties, the temptation to give in

to what others define as success . . .melt away

For what you are meant to be

is your best when you are at your worst

and to love when it would be easier to hate

The rest is grace.

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