Forty Days Til’ Forty: Day Three, Flashback Friday

As I sit here typing, on this perhaps-a-bit-too-ambitious decision to count down to 40, one of my favorite people is in my basement watching Back to the Future 2 (we watched the first one earlier today) with his wife and my boyfriend. I dug through the archives of my writing and found a treasure circa May 5, 1988 and showed it to my “little” brother, Adan, this afternoon. And, just another reminder of why I still think he’s pretty darn awesome, he got a little misty after reading it.

I started off hunting down something I’d written around 10 years old when asked to write about the person I admired most. Instead, I came across an essay I wrote in the sixth grade.



May 05, 1998

I have been asked to imagine that a tornado is approaching my house, and I can take three items of any size. The three irreplaceable items are my brother, Adan, my diary, and my notes written by friends.

First, I would take Adan because I love him, and that almost says it all. He is my baby brother, and when he was born I’d hoped for a sister. Instead, I got him, and I’m very glad about it! I’ve watched him grow up, and it means a lot to me to see him experience life because he is deaf. Not everyone gets to watch a deaf person grow up and make something of themself. . . 

Yes, indeed, he has made something of himself. He has grown into an amazing man, husband, and father. I post it here for day three of my countdown to 40 because life is too short not to let the people who mean the most to you know that you love them.

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