Forty Days Til’ Forty, Day Seven: Happy 40th, Roommate!

The summer before going to college, my roommate-to-be and I exchanged letters and talked on the phone at least once. As I recall, she thought it quirky, maybe downright odd, that I told her I was a bit anal retentive. I must have been showing off with that one, throwing around big college-like words. A few weeks later, we unpacked at light speed and had ourselves completely moved in within hours, probably even had hung pictures on the walls too.

For two years, we became great friends, affectionately nick-naming each other “Roommate.” After our sophomore year, my roommate got married, and I boarded a plane for Nairobi where I spent a semester as an exchange student. When I returned, my college dorm experience was never quite the same. My sister-friend had moved across Rudisill Boulevard to married-student housing with her new husband.

I am confident that few have had a college roommate quite like mine. We shared all the growing pains of young love, adult decision-making, and planning our futures while laughing simultaneously at one another’s antics. We even made each other’s beds! And then suddenly, it’s 17 years later, and that friend who still feels like my “new” friend is now an old friend and one of my best. This blog’s for you, Roommate! Happy 40!

2015-10-27 21.21.07 2015-10-27 21.19.13

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