Forty Days Til’ Forty, Day 9: Day Nine Is All About the Wine

My aching muscles are evidence that I am nearing the end of the 90-day challenge I joined at the gym. Each week has been a reminder of all the muscles I have that I don’t usually exercise. Those sprints last Saturday have left my quads stiff and sore. So this morning as I squatted down to pick up a box of crayons that spilled in my daughter’s classroom, I didn’t expect the jolt of pain I got. The blast was bad enough to leave me slightly nauseated and on my way to the nurse’s office where I dosed up with some ibuprofen before leading a pack of 6 kids through the Baltimore National Aquarium for my daughter’s first field trip of the year. A nap was in order when I got home. Any anyone who knows me well, also knows a nap is an annual affair.

Rounded it out with an evening at the Fall Math Fest and Trunk-or-Treat at my kids’ elementary school. Needless to say, a little wine is in order. I don’t have much in the way of deep thoughts, provocative quotes or thoughtful gesticulation to offer. Day nine is all about the wine. Happy Almost-Halloween.

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