Forty Days Til’ Forty, Day 20: And Here’s a Recipe for Quinoa

Just saying it sounds refined. Quinoa (keen-wa). Add an “h” to make it a little more breathy, depending on how passionate you are about this super-seed (FYI, it’s also not really a grain but, rather, a grain-like seed). Google it, and the first article that comes up with it says, “The World’s Healthiest Food.” And further research brings one back around to the snobbery around its pronunciation one again. . . and that, well, maybe it’s not a superfood. Sigh.

Bottom line for me was. I hear this stuff is pretty good for me. It’s a good compliment to the occasional vegetarian menu. And I really liked that salad my cousin made during my visit last summer. It had quinoa in it. So, okay. I will now prepare it at home.

Here’s my favorite recipe so far which came close enough to the one my cousin made and has been given the thumbs up by a few friends.

Black Bean-and-Quinoa Salad

Up next on the let-me-figure-out-what-to-do-with-this-healthy-food, Chia seeds. Looking to reach for the good stuff in more ways than one.



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