Forty Days Til’ Forty, Day 30: Keepin’ It Real

I am too tired and brain dead to write or think about a creative post. So, alas, this really is forty . . . single-mommin’-it, hosting Thanksgiving dinner, preparing for my birthday, daughter’s birthday, and Christmas ahead, all while holding a day job at church – – where we close the year with the second super bowl of the holy calendar . . . Christmas. So tonight a beer or some-such beverage and a pile or better yet, mound, of laundry await me as the kids drift off to sleep. You know it’s bad when everyday you’re fishing pants or pajamas out of baskets of unfolded clothes and your 6-year-old son asks if you’ll be folding it tonight . . . and putting it in his room so he can count on those clean clothes in the morning.

Here’s to holding down the fort!

I think the last time I was able to string together a half-thought blog was about two weeks ago. Good night.

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