I’m From

2015-11-20 16.40.55

I am from sticky carpet and open windows

From air so thick, it felt like someone was sitting next to me

From tree tops and sky

And paths through the woods to my best friend’s house


I’m from clutter and chaos

From clanking dishes and thunderstorms

Runs through the field with grass tickling my legs

And baths to wash off the ticks


From hot air balloon landings

And a place where a fence became my adventure for the day

I’m from sign language, growth hormone, and chemotherapy

Shouting and laughter, family vacations and imperfection


I’m from a big picture window

Star studio and microphone

Sticky tac and sea shells

From ovaltine and kit kat bars

Chocolate mousse pie and fried chicken


I’m from midnight mass

and Our Father Who Art in heaven

Bless us, Oh Lord, with these they gifts

Which we are about to receive


I’m from Debbie Daniels

Good Morning Miss Mable

And puffed oven pancakes

Generosity, kindness, patience and love


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