Love and Peace To You This Christmas


The past couple of weeks have been an exercise in emotional highs and lows, vacillating between the anticipation of this season and the disappointment with myself that I am not, well, more perfect. But in this moment, I am thankful that I don’t have to be.

We each carry expectations about what this season should be, what it should mean and how we should feel–all warm and fuzzy-like warm-woolen mittens. The fact that I have an elf-on-the-shelf with its head half chewed-off, compliments of a precocious puppy,  in the top drawer of my dresser speaks to the fact that expectations are just that, expectations. They have no bearing on what will actually happen. Yet, one thing is true. One thing, we can expect.

Each year, God shows up.

Despite all the ugly and grim truths we have witnessed about mankind these last few weeks–that we are indeed not color-blind, that we are underhanded and scheming, and that no good comedy goes unpunished, God is there.

Last night I tried explaining this to my kids in a conversation that bobbled to the top amid my yelling and their not listening, amid the distractions and din of preparations for the great unwrapping of Christmas. There it was, in a moment that surfaced without planning.

God is here. Everywhere. All the time.

And in this season of expectation, of waiting, wanting, hoping, God does not disappoint.

God is here.

So stop what you are doing for a moment; have a beer, a biscuit, or a cinnamon bun and listen. Savor it. And then listen. Listen to the thing that drives you to find the perfect gift, to be with the ones you love, to reach for something that feels elusive but is right there in the reaching, for it is love. And in that love, God is with you. And so is peace.

For that thing we are all waiting for showed up already. Jesus is here.

Love and peace to you this Christmas season

**Originally posted December, 2014**

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