About Sarah

I was born in New York, but my earliest memories are of life in Argentina where I finished kindergarten before moving to St. Louis, Missouri. Aside from cultivating my palette in each place I’ve lived, I have become a composition of the many amazing people and experiences I’ve enjoyed and occasionally endured over the years. From Argentina to Ethiopia, my ride has been full of twists and turns that were at times expected and at other times completely unwanted. But through it all, I am still me, only–I like to hope–better.

A few years ago my life was turned upside down by an unexpected season of loss as my marriage to my high school sweetheart ended. During a time of grief and unimaginable loss, I hung on to the words of a wise person who told me that the best revenge was to live well. What I’ve come to realize along the way is that loss is loss is loss. The only difference is there’s yours and there’s mine. We are together on this road of life.

I am an adoptive mom of two amazing Ethiopian-American children. I work on staff at a church in Spencerville, Maryland, where I’m the Director of Communications and Administration. I love cooking without a recipe, sharing wine and cheese with good friends, and putting my thoughts down on paper through journaling, blogging, and occasionally jotting down the words to a song I just made up.

A year ago I remarried a pretty great guy and am continuing to move forward.

When I write, all of me shows up. This is why I keep writing. I post it here as an offering, a little baring of my soul to you whom I may or may not know, to remind you that we are all in this together. So read away and know that you are never alone in your journey–there is someone out there who can relate to exactly where you’re at. Different stories but one narrative; it’s called life.

Life in Perspective is the unfolding story of me as I reflect on my journey and what I’m learning along the way.


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  1. Beautiful, Sarah. I’ll always remember you as the SWEET ENERGETIC GAL that I had the privilege to work with. GOD HAS KEPT YOU THROUGH THESE HARD TIMES & HAS GIVEN YOU A LOVE OF YOUR LORD that is evident in your relationship with others. GOD IS GOOD & GOD IS IN CONTROL🙏🙏💕. I understand you are marrying soon? Congratulations & MAY YOU BE BLESSED!! 💕‼️ Gladys Schmidt

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