Yesterday some amazing friends threw a little surprise shindig at my house in celebration of my 40th which is now only two weeks away. My dear friend, Julie, served as a decoy, having offered me only one date for which she was available to celebrate. So I took it because my boyfriend had already claimed he had a work commitment he was obligated to attend. Despite my suspicions, no one wants to be fully certain there is a surprise party in the works because, well, what if there isn’t? Regardless, I was happy to catch up with my friend, explore a few shops I’d been curious about and extend our late afternoon romp with a manicure and eyebrow wax. Maybe it was the eyebrows that set me thinking. I wasn’t going to re-post today, but this one was on my mind.

I am grateful beyond words for the friendships that have been balm to my wounded soul. And you know what? It doesn’t hurt so bad anymore. God is good.